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Change of LLP Name

Sometimes limited liability partnership as a strategic move wish to change their name for which approval is required from the ministry of corporate affairs and requires alteration of Limited Liability Agreement. Apart from filing the documents it also requires checking name availability with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, in case the name to be changed is available and is approved from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, then only further proceeding would be required.

Before proceeding for filing of document with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, it required to reserve the proposed name by filing prescribed form. After approval of name it is required to take pass the necessary resolutions, amend/alter limited liability partnership agreement and filing of application with Ministry of corporate affairs. If the Ministry of corporate affairs accepts the application, then a new incorporation certificate is issued to the limited liability partnership with name change. Filing wrong information and supporting documents may lead to rejection of application. So, it requires expert supervision and professional support.

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Application Fees for filing the necessary forms
Preparation of Minutes of the Partners’ meetings.
Change in Limited Liability Partnership Agreement

Penalty for Non- Compliance.
Additional fees if any payable in case of fresh, if the original application is rejected

Copy of Minutes of meeting/ resolution/ consent of partners
The extracts of the relevant provisions of the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement.
If the change is due to direction of the Central Government, then, the copy of such direction
Other attachments (if any)

2-3 weeks time for filing and processing of application

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Rs 9,999/-
Name Approval and name change of a LLP excluding cost of stamp paper for change in agreement.
Including Govt. Fee & Taxes.
Rs 13,999/-
Name Approval and name change of a LLP including cost of stamp paper for change in agreement and 1 DSC.
Inclusive of Govt. Fee & Taxes.
Rs 19,999/-
Name Approval and name change of a LLP including cost of stamp paper for change in agreement, 1 DSC.
Filing Annual Compliance (Form 11 and Form 8).
Inclusive of Govt. Fee & Taxes.


  • An application shall be made to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for reservation of name of the LLP.
  • Six name preferences are required along with the application.
  • The name should not resemble to any other name.
  • After the suggested name gets approved, LLP shall be required to file Form 3 for change in LLP agreement and another form, LLP-5, giving notice of the change in the name. The form shall be submitted to the ministry of corporate affairs. The application has to be filed within 30 days.

Where the Central Government is satisfied that a Limited Liability Partnership has been registered (whether through inadvertence or otherwise and whether originally or by a change of name) under a name which—

  • identical or too nearly resembles to that of any other partnership firm or Limited Liability Partnership or body corporate or a registered trade mark, or a trade mark which is subject of an application for registration, of any other person under the Trade Marks Act, 1999
  • is identical with or too nearly resembles the name of any other Limited Liability Partnership or body corporate or other name as to be likely to be mistaken for it

The Central Government may direct such Limited Liability Partnership to change its name, and the Limited Liability Partnership shall comply with the said direction within three months after the date of the direction or such longer period as the Central Government may allow.

A fine which shall not be less than Rs 10,000 but which may extend to Rs 5,00,00 and Designated partner, Punishable with a Fine which shall not be less than Rs 10,000 but which may extend to Rs 1, 00,000.

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