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May 10, 2019
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Class 15: Diverse Musical Instruments

Class 15 includes mainly musical instruments, their parts and their accessories like Musical instruments; music stands and stands for musical instruments; conductors’ batons.This Class includes, in particular:

  • Mechanical musical instruments and their accessories, for example, barrel organs, mechanical pianos, intensity regulators for mechanical pianos, robotic drums;
  • Musical boxes;
  • Electrical and electronic musical instruments;
  • Strings, reeds, pegs and pedals for musical instruments;
  • Tuning forks, tuning hammers;
  • Colophony (rosin) for stringed musical instruments.


Class 15 does not include, in particular:

  • Apparatus for the recording, transmission, amplification and reproduction of sound, for example, electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments, wah-wah pedals, audio interfaces, audio mixers, equalisers being audio apparatus, subwoofers (Cl. 9);
  • Downloadable music files (Cl. 9);
  • Downloadable electronic sheet music (Cl. 9), printed sheet music (Cl. 16);
  • Juke boxes, musical (Cl. 9);
  • Metronomes (Cl. 9);
  • Musical greeting cards (Cl. 16).


Class 15 Specifically includes:


accordions bagpipes
balalaikas [stringed musical instruments] bamboo flutes
bandonions banjos
barrel organs basses [musical instruments]
bellows for musical instruments bow nuts for musical instruments
bows for musical instruments bridges for musical instruments
buccins [trumpets] carillons [musical instruments]
cases for musical instruments castanets
catgut for musical instruments chin rests for violins
clarionets clarions
colophony for stringed musical instruments / rosin for stringed musical instruments concertinas
conductors’ batons cornets [musical instruments]
cymbals double basses
drumheads / skins for drums drums [musical instruments]
drumsticks electronic musical instruments
flutes gongs
guitars handbells [musical instruments]
harmonicas harmoniums
harp strings harps
hats with bells [musical instruments] horns [musical instruments]
horsehair for bows for musical instruments huqin [Chinese violins]
intensity regulators for mechanical pianos Jews’ harps [musical instruments]
kettledrum frames kettledrums
keyboards for musical instruments keys for musical instruments
lyres mallets for musical instruments
mandolins melodicas
mouthpieces for musical instruments music rolls [piano]
music stands music synthesizers
musical boxes musical instruments
mutes for musical instruments / dampers for musical instruments oboes
ocarinas organs
pedals for musical instruments pegs for musical instruments
perforated music rolls piano keyboards
piano keys piano strings
pianos pipa [Chinese guitars]
plectrums / picks for stringed instruments reeds
robotic drums saxophones
sheng [Chinese musical wind instruments] stands for musical instruments
sticks for bows for musical instruments stringed musical instruments
strings for musical instruments suona [Chinese trumpets]
tambourines tom-toms
triangles [musical instruments] trombones
trumpets tuning forks
tuning hammers turning apparatus for sheet music
valves for musical instruments violas
violins wind pipes for organs
xylophones zithers

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