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Documents for IEC Registration
April 17, 2019
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Documents for Import-Export Code Registration.


Import-Export Code (IEC) registration is mandatory for Import or Export of Goods or in some cases Services.

The application for Import-Export Code registration is filed online on the website of DGFT. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade has issued a trade notice dated 12.12.2018 for changes in accepted documents for online Import-Export Code registration.

Documents required for Import-Export Code registration

The directorate of General of Foreign Trade has issued Trade Notice No. 39/2018-19 dated 12.12.2018 in addition to Trade Notice No 23/2018-19 dated 8th August, 2018 to specify the documents accepted for Online application for Import-Export Code registration, following documents are required for online application for Import-Export Code registration:-

  1. Address proof the applicant entity; and
  2. Cancelled Cheque bearing entity’s pre-printed name or Bank Certificate.

It is further important that the address of firm and documents in support of address of the firms are also required.

(a) If the documents is in the name of firm ( support A) is available or.

(b) If the document is not in the name of firm and is in some other person name (suppose B), an NOC from B in favour of A will also be required in addition to document in support of address in the name of B.

Proof of Address

Any one of the following documents can be filed as proof of address (the document should be in the name of the firm):

  1. Aadhaar Card of Proprietor or
  2. Voters ID of Proprietor or
  3. Passport of Proprietor or
  4. Electricity/ Telephone (Landline or Mobile) Bill in the name of firm or Proprietor or
  5. GST Registration Certificate or
  6. Bank Certificate as in ANF 2(A) (I), or
  7. Sale/ lease/ rent deed only pages wherein seller, buyer and address are mentioned

Documents in the name of proprietor will be accepted in case of Proprietorship.

Clarification on Bank certificate/ pre-printed cancelled cheque:

  1. Only one documents out of pre-printed cheque or bank certificate is required.
  2. Account holder name should be Pre-printed on cheque by the bank. A cheque without pre-printed name of the account holder is not acceptable.
  3. In cases other than proprietorship, Pre-Printed Cheque only in the name of Firm will be accepted.
  4. Pre-printed cheque can be of a savings account or a current account.

In case of any query or help feel free to contact and you can avail our Import-Export Code registration service.

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